IGA’s job is to put smarter, more modern tools within your reach to create a shopping experience that is faster, easier and better than you could do on your own. Utilizing its size, scale and national partnerships, IGA provides a one-stop-shop for the programs that provide a competitive advantage while strengthening retailers’ position as independents.

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Retail Standards

IGA’s regular store assessments, shopper surveys and proven methods for creating a service-centered culture within your store provide you benchmarks to ensure you are meeting and exceeding shopper’s expectations.

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Phone showcasing IGA's Marketing Program


Each of IGA’s tailored marketing programs is designed to help you provide what today’s discriminating shoppers want most: a fun, high-service and local shopping experience that delivers convenience without compromise.

From the tools and infrastructure you need to compete in the digital world, to the resources that demonstrate your commitment to the causes and issues that matter most, IGA marketing programs help you connect with shoppers and drive traffic to your store.

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National Digital Ad

The National Digital Ad brings new digital-savvy shoppers to your local IGA store with state-of-the-art digital advertising at no incremental cost to you.


Social Media

From shareable shopper solutions found on to professional social media management, IGA retailers have a number of options when it comes to sourcing relevant, engaging and unique content for your social media accounts.

Health & Wellbeing

IGA Better Choices provides the information and assets you need both online and in store to be your shoppers’ ready-resource for a healthier lifestyle and overall wellbeing.


Work with the industry’s most trusted eCommerce provider for a one-stop-shop solution that expands your reach beyond the four walls of your store and builds customer loyalty among digitally connected shoppers.


Establish your digital foundation with IGA’s end-to-end website solution that guides your customers’ complete digital grocery experience.

Shopper Events

Periodic IGA shopper events utilize IGA’s unique connection with industry associations and shopper’s favorite brands to bring you an evolving rotation of IGA-exclusive national events each year.


As independent operators, no two stores are alike, and we all have a different go-to-market strategy. But within IGA’s diversity there is one common denominator that unites us all--the power of a world-recognized brand. From branded signage and apparel to promotional products, IGA offers professionally designed branding elements that amplify your authentically local identity and help you deliver the IGA fresh, local experience shoppers want.

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IGA celebrating independent grocers


IGA’s prestigious Awards of Excellence program celebrates the innovations that are possible when independent grocers are given the tools and resources they need to bring their entrepreneurial visions to life.

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