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Choice is a full-service energy procurement and utility management company with a complete suite of energy management services. We monitor, negotiate, and validate energy rates to save our clients substantial time and money.


Like many commodities, energy is billed on a per unit measure. For electricity, the price on your utility bill is typically shown as a price per kilowatt-hour. The rates will be different depending on where you’re located in the country and who is setting the rates.

At Choice! we’re unbiased and transparent when negotiating the best contract for our clients.

And we handle each step of the process—from identifying and analyzing rate alternatives, to facilitating all paperwork between the client and the utility. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager that is available 24/7 to identify other areas of energy savings and to resolve any issues that may arise.


Small changes could mean thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

For example, we conducted an annual tariff review for our Senior Assisted Living client across their 120+ North American facilities. In tariff savings alone, CEM found and captured $128,868 in annual savings, representing a 3.5% decrease in their total annual natural gas and electricity spending.





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