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Until now, one-size-fits-all coin counting programs delivered a take it or leave it
solution. This limited option failed to consider your unique business requirements.

We change the way coin counting is offered by giving grocers the widest range of
choices in machine configuration, procurement options and different ways to manage
coin. You can invest nothing at all, expense the cost or capitalize and depreciate the

Bag Machines & Bin Machines

bag machines-bin machines-800w

Cummins Allison Coin Counters Give You More Profit Per Square Foot

In today's highly competitive marketplace, grocers must offer value-added services that enhance their customers' in-store experience. Self-service coin redemption is one cost-effective way to achieve this goal.


Better ROI—Program and product options that increase your profitability.

Increase Revenue—More up-time and faster counting creates loyal customers.

Save on Fees—Recycle coins right in your store and reduce armored carrier fees for picking up and purchasing coin.

Three Procurement Options—Purchase, lease or placement.

Four Coin Processing Options—Coin management program, in-store recycling, outsource with armored carrier or take directly to the bank.

Multiple Machine Models—Small footprint, low or high volume options, more or less employee interaction with coins, and the the most reliable performance in the industry.

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