Eggo's Stuffed Pancake Bites: A Breakfast Innovation

May 5, 2021

After over a year of cooking many meals at home, Americans are looking for fresh, new foods to liven up their palettes and Eggo's, a premier brand of IGA Red Oval Partner Kellogg's, is ready to help.

Introducing Eggo Stuffed Pancake Bites-800w

Kellogg's research shows that consumers want tasty sweet treats from the frozen breakfast category that are easy to eat any time of day. The ideal food form? A bite-sized, poppable pancake!

According to Kellogg's, this desire is currently not being met within sweet goods or the frozen breakfast category. Enter Eggo's new Stuffed Pancake Bites, an innovative product designed to meet this desire, increase sales from the declining sweet goods set, and deliver differentiation and incremental growth to the frozen breakfast category. 

Eggo Bites info-800w

As a premium price offering, Eggo Stuffed Pancake Bites are poised to drive grocery sales and retailer profits. In fact, premium price items have grown 38.4 percent in the last year and are contributing 92 percent of frozen breakfast growth dollars.

With full media planned for 2021, including TV, online video, and digital, IGA retailers can stock these poppable, tasty treats to get ready for shopper demand.

Place an order with your wholesaler today in anticipation of the upcoming National Digital Ad offer:

July 11, 2021
$1.50 off 2 Eggo Bites

Questions? Contact Kellogg's Vice President of Sales, Wholesale Channel Mike Browne at

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