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IGA Shopper Rewards

50 years ago, the heroic Apollo 11 Astronauts embarked on a mission to land on the moon, to lasso the future and claim it. Here at IGA we are taking a giant step forward, embracing technology and evolving our business models for IGA Retailers to compete at scale – affordably. We are no longer just competing with the other stores in town we are competing with,, and more. IGA’s Shopper Rewards is a small step towards enormous reward. The more IGA retailers that join the program the more impact we can have - for our stores and our shoppers.

Watch the below recording of IGA CEO, John Ross breaking down the strategy and structure of the IGA Shopper Rewards platform in a recorded Webinar. 


What is it?

IGA Shopper Rewards is a very simple, but powerful digital platform that lies within the POS System in stores. Using a bit of code embedded in the POS system communicates with our cloud-based system to validate offers, items in the National Digital Ad, and print receipt rewards. It’s effective – and affordable! It makes your job easier and the shopper experience seamless!

What do I get with the Shopper Rewards Platform


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Why do I need it?


82% of shoppers participate in a digital coupon program vs. 76% in 2017

Source: 2017 & 2018 Shopper Behavior Studies


68% of shoppers would use coupons more if they were available online

Source: 2018 Shopper Behavior Study


50% of shoppers have clipped a digital coupon while shopping

Source: 2018 Shopper Behavior Study


1-in-5 shoppers belong to 4 or more grocery store loyalty programs

Source: 2018 Shopper Behavior Study


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