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Get a dynamic new look for your store quickly, easily, and affordably with a store refresh proven to build your local identity and increase store sales. IGA is here to ensure you receive a great return on your investment.

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    Jasper IGA

    Jasper, IN

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    Hollister IGA in Hollister, California

    Hollister IGA

    Hollister, CA

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    John's IGA in Versailles Ohio

    John's IGA

    Versailles, OH

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    Grant's IGA in Bluewell, Vermont

    Grant's IGA

    Bluewell, WV

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    “It really brought the store to life - huge change. The process was simple.”

    Rich Chadwick
    Store Owner, Everyday IGA
    Great Falls, MT

    “A look that I couldn't be happier with.”

    Laura Malisani
    Store Owner, Gary & Leo's IGA
    Conrad, MT

    “It has really upgraded our store and made it modern! It is exactly what we need.”

    John Malisani
    Owner / Operator, Gary & Leo's IGA
    Conrad, MT

    What would new signage do for your store—and for sales?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q) Why should I invest in a new décor package for my store? 
    A) Stores have reported an average increase of 10% in overall store sales after decor is updated. Shoppers assume an updated, modern, and fresh looking store means the food and items on shelf are fresher. If it's been longer than 7 years since you've done a store decor refresh, it's time!

    Q) How long does the Décor Package take to implement?
    A) From initial commitment to store install it takes between 4 and 10 weeks, depending on the store’s specific needs and manufacturer and installer timelines.

    Q) How much will it cost?
    A) We'll work within your budget but it largely depends on a number of factors. Prices have ranged anywhere from $15,000 to $60,000. Prices will vary based on the type of delivery (self-install vs. professional install), location, size of store and vendor selection.

    Q) What are people saying?
    A) Lots of positive things from retailers, associates, and shoppers. The video above is a great place to start as there are several testimonials there. Retailers are also reporting significant sales increases post-install. 

    Q) How long will the signage last?
    A) This depends heavily on what materials are used but is designed to last for 10+ years. However, it's best to refresh your store decor every 5-7 years.

    Q) Will the installation process disrupt store operations?
    A) Generally speaking, the installations are carried out overnight or during low traffic hours in-store.

    Q) Can I customize this decor package?
    A) Absolutely! The IGA design system can be tailored to fit any store whether that be colors, local images, alternative text, and more.

    Q) How much cheaper is the IGA decor package than others?
    A) The IGA decor package is typically less than half of other decor packages because the design has already been done and is easily customizable. 
    Megan Drazer
    Megan Drazer
    Senior Manager, Shopper Content

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