Build Online Sales Quickly & Easily with IGA Groceries Online

The engaging eCommerce website, customized with content about your store and featuring frequently updated IGA content like recipes, blogs, and videos, integrates seamlessly with most POS systems, back-office systems, payment processors, loyalty providers, and SNAP online.

Even better? Our Freshop-powered program integrates with IGA’s National Digital Ad for an optimal shopper experience.

The Time for eCommerce is Now

eCommerce has become a staple in shoppers' lives and in the business practices of your competitors. With eCommerce penetration up 400% during the pandemic, over 40 million Americans are somewhat or regularly buying grocery products online. Don't leave margin on the table or lose out to competitors by not offering online shopping.

See how one IGA retailer's ROI has improved


in comp eCommerce sales in 1 year


Average increase in basket size


Increase in total number of eCommerce orders

  2019 2020
Comp eComm Sales $20K $726K
Average eComm Basket Size $97.54 $118.08
Total Number of eComm Orders 209 6,147

Check with your wholesaler today for an eCommerce solution that’s right for you or see below for information on IGA’s eCommerce program powered by Freshop!



With IGA Groceries Online you have a trusted Red Oval Partner

What’s Included in IGA’s eCommerce Solution:

  • Responsive design, customizable website
  • Interactive circular allows customers to shop directly from your weekly digital ad
  • Easy use of digital coupons, loyalty program, and SNAP online integration
  • Full integration of IGA National Digital Ad
  • Platform can accommodate click & collect, delivery, and direct-to-home shipping
  • Intuitive technology that makes back-end site management simple

Why is the IGA Solution Different?

Content, content, content!

With IGA’s template, your eCommerce website will automatically be updated with original shopper content! From recipes to cooking tips and tricks, your site will quickly become a go-to resource for mealtime solutions.

For $100 a week (no set up charge, no percentage of sales fee), you'll gain:

  • IGA National Site & App
  • Store-branded with logo, name, locations, URL
  • Rich content provided by IGA through the year
  • Stores may publish their own content
  • Full commerce

Learn more about this exciting program here.

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Note: several wholesalers offer their own eCommerce solutions, so check with yours to see what is available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the average basket size differ from in-store to online?
A: Yes. We see an average online basket size of $130 for stores that use Freshop (very rural stores have an average basket size of $85–$105 and suburban stores see an average basket size of $110–$150)

Q: Will my eCommerce website be separate from my website?
A: Freshop can host your entire website with any extra pages you want, or it can be a separate microsite that is tied to your website. Just keep in mind that if Freshop hosts your whole site, you can reduce your costs by eliminating your current website provider.

Q: What percentage of my total business do you expect to come from online orders?
A: The goal is 5-10% of sales, but many stores are now at 15%+, but that takes commitment from the store.

Q: Is there a difference between my in-store shoppers and online shoppers?
A: Yes! Shoppers spend 20% more online than they do in the store (according to loyalty data)

Q: Am I just cannibalizing my in-store sales for online?
A: No. 1/3 of online shoppers are NEW to the store, 1/3 are shoppers who would have left for another store so they could order online, and 1/3 are cannibalized. Additionally, we see online shoppers still shopping the physical store, especially for perishables. It appears that online shoppers increase their total shop loyalty, which means you are growing share of wallet, even with existing shoppers.

Q: How do online gross margins differ from in-store gross margins?
A: Once your program is established and shoppers trust your pickers, your online gross margins will be 8%-22% higher (more perimeter items in online orders).

Q: Should I charge a pick-up or convenience fee?
A: We believe that, yes, you should. $4.95 is the default pickup fee. You can offer free pickup for the first number of orders but keep a baseline of about $5 as costs to pick are very real.

Q: How long will it take to get my online store up and running?
A: Typically 8-12 weeks from receiving the data file from your store.

Q: Do I need extra equipment to start?
A: Freshop suggests that you minimize capital until you get a feel for customer participation but required purchases include picker device, bag tag printer, signage for in-store and parking lot and metro racks to be placed near walk-ins.