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It's a promise only independents can claim

Through this promise we demonstrate to shoppers that we are there for them in ways that no other big chain or online food store can be.



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Over and over again, shoppers tell us that they want local, fresh items to feed their families. Shoppers not only want to know where their food comes from, they also want to know where their money goes and who it supports.

Now, more than ever before, IGA is the best place for shoppers to find the local, fresh experience they seek. At IGA, we’ve always prided ourselves on selling local and fresh products and to supporting independent, locally owned businesses and farms.

The Local Equals Fresh Visual Merchandising Kit makes it easy to remind shoppers that, by shopping at IGA, they are buying local, eating fresh and supporting their community.

Store Signage


IGA is dedicated to supporting independent, hometown businesses. It’s the very reason we exist. No one else can tell this story like IGA. But it’s not just about ownership, our food is also locally sourced. Wherever possible we buy from local and regional family farms.



Food is our business and freshness is our promise. Every day, we demonstrate this promise to shoppers throughout the store, with fresh baked goods, fresh cut meat, cut fresh fruit, handmade deli items and seasonal produce.



The Local Equals Fresh promise belongs to Independents, and it’s a promise we want shoppers to know about.

This eye-catching visual merchandising amplifies your authentic, local identity. The Local Equals Fresh visual merchandising kit—complete with overhead signage, story-telling department signs, “locally made” stickers, and apparel—differentiates you from the chains by reminding shoppers they’re buying local, eating fresh, & supporting their community when they shop your store. As with all IGA Visual Merchandising, this kit is available as IGA-branded or non-IGA branded.


Store Signage


The kit is available with IGA branding, or with your individual store branding.