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    Pet owners love their pets, and retailers should, too. With pet shoppers spending 27% more than non-pet shoppers, the pet category is the #2 shopping trip driver nationally behind pharmacy, according to Nestlé Purina insights.

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    Revamp your pet aisle with IGA's Happy & Healthy Pets Sign Kit, featuring hanging overhead signs, end cap headers, aisle blades, shelf strips, and mini blades. 

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    Pets Sign Kit

    Sign Kit

    The new pet aisle signage was designed to attract and educate shoppers on making the best choices for their pets.

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    Pet Products


    A wide assortment of products is essential to keep customers from looking elsewhere for their pet supplies.

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    Marketing Online Content


    Communicate and share insights that demonstrate your store is invested in helping pet owners make the very best decisions.

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    Work with the Nestlé Purina team and your wholesaler to revamp your pet aisle by reviewing:

    • Community demographics
    • Existing pet category sales
    • Nearby pet competition
    • Current pet aisle square footage

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    Why Pet?

    4x Performance Boost

    Stores with an average or better pet performance have seen their total store performance 4x higher than retailers with a below-average pet performance

    Retain Customers

    Stores that lose a pet owner who shops in the category also loses 6 trips per pet shopper

    In 2020, pet food and treat sales increased 10 percent over 2019, and is estimated to rise 5.8 percent in 2021."

    – American Pet Product Association

    A Glimpse at the Happy & Healthy Pets Sign Kit


    Drive Store Sales

    How exactly does a pet aisle redesign work, and how can it boost sales?
    Watch IGA CEO John Ross and Nestlé Purina's Team Leader, Category Pat Patterson discuss in this interview.