Attract Gen Z Shoppers With vitaminwater® Campaign

Oct 12, 2022

vitaminwater® is ready to reach the newest group of grocery shoppers: Gen Z. With 67% of Gen Z moderately to extremely worried about their physical and mental health, according to the EY 2021 Gen Z Segmentation Study, vitaminwater®'s latest campaign reminds GenZ that vitaminwater® gives their body the good stuff it needs and is available at their local IGA store.

"IGA is invested in reaching the next generation, and those are the same kinds of people that our members are trying to attract as customers — those who are establishing their grocery routines for the first time," Brad Morris, director of global accounts for IGA at The Coca-Cola Company, explains of the partnership and campaign.

He says The Coca-Cola Company recently rebranded the vitaminwater® bottle, putting the benefits up front on the bottle to better communicate the wellness aspect to shoppers.

"We're working hard to earn the space to drive brand sales and bring people into the stores. Now we're reaching out to the target audience: Gen Z. We launched a campaign called Nourish Every You, taking a look into all of the different products underneath the vitaminwater® brand. Now it's time to execute on that campaign," Morris says. 

Now it's time for IGA retailers to get in on the action with the vitaminwater® shopper sweepstakes and National Digital Ad offer! Get the details in this video interview between Morris and IGA VP of Business Partnerships Heidi Huff.

The Sweepstakes
  • 5 Shoppers will win a year's supply of vitaminwater® (as $700 gift cards)
  • They must share a photo on social media of how they enjoy vitaminwater®, using the hashtag #myvitaminwater
  • Sweepstakes runs October 12–November 9, 2022 
The Offer & Assets
  • National Digital Ad offer runs October 12–26: $1 off 4 vitaminwater® 20 oz. single products
  • eCommerce web banners for retailers on Freshop's program
  • Aisle blades for Quarterly Marketing Kit subscribers

There's a vitaminwater® for every you

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