Announcing the IGA & Nestlé Purina Picture PAW-fect ComPETition Winners

Jan 28, 2021

Since 2012, IGA and Red Oval Partner Nestlé Purina have hosted the annual IGA and Nestlé Purina Picture PAW-fect ComPETition, inviting IGA shoppers to upload photos of their pets in five main photo categories for a chance to win Nestlé Purina pet food for a year. Normally this contest coincides with May's National Pet Month, but in 2020 we made some changes, doubling the length of the contest as more households stayed home and added more furry family members than ever before. Today, we have the privilege of announcing our five category winners! 

From the more than 1,000 entries—all displayed on the IGA and Nestlé Purina Picture PAW-fect ComPETition Facebook page—we selected the following winners! 

Michelle Crowton and Young’s Payless IGAMichelle Crowton and Young’s Payless IGA

Allison King and McKim’s IGA Allison King and McKim’s IGA

William Luebke and Snows Family MarketWilliam Luebke and Snows Family Market

Margy Richardson and Granite Falls IGAMargy Richardson and Granite Falls IGA

Elke Rosthal and Hillsdale Supermarket IGAElke Rosthal and Hillsdale Supermarket IGA

Cora Jones and Lake Region IGACora Jones and Lake Region IGA

As you can see, IGA customers have been turning to their pets during the pandemic for comfort, camaraderie, and much-needed comic relief. For retailers, this translates to a huge opportunity. In fact, studies show pet owners have larger families and greater incomes, are in your IGA store more often, and spend 27 percent more per shopping trip. Consider these statistics about your pet owner shoppers during COVID-19:

  • Pet is the second biggest trip driver behind pharmacy
  • Stores with an average or better pet performance have seen their total store performance four times higher than retailers with a below average pet performance
  • Stores that lose a pet shopper also lose six trips per pet shopper

As your Red Oval partner for all your pet care needs, Nestlé Purina is dedicated to working with you to develop creative promotions like this year's IGA and Nestlé Purina Picture PAW-fect Pet Photo ComPETition to help you connect with pet-owning shoppers. IGA and Nestlé Purina look forward to bringing you more throughout the coming year. 

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