Dutch Farms Partners with Laurel Grocery Co.

Jul 1, 2020

Dutch Farms, and IGA Red Oval partner, recently announced their newest wholesale partnership with full-service grocers, Laurel Grocery, extending their distribution channel that will serve even more IGA retailers.

IGA's Senior Director of Red Oval Partnerships Heidi Huff spoke to Dutch Farms about this new partnership and what it means for IGA retailers.

What makes Laurel Grocery such a good partner for Dutch Farms? 

Dutch Farms and Laurel Grocery have much in common. Both companies are Midwestern, family owned for decades, and are retail-focused. Collaboration just makes good sense.

What does the partnership with Laurel Grocery mean for IGA retailers? 

As a leading Midwest dairy brand, Dutch Farms offers IGA retailers a competitive, complete line of farm fresh quality dairy products including natural & processed cheese, cream cheese, cultured, butter, snacking & more.

We're deeply committed to serving independent grocers and their customers with unsurpassed service and value. Dutch Farms offers over 300 branded items covering nearly every single dairy sub-category available.

For IGA retailers who use Laurel Grocery, how soon can they expect to see Dutch Farms products?  

The full Dutch Farms program launched in May 2020. All products—70 SKUs—are readily available right now.

Do you have any best-selling SKUs that IGA retailers should ensure are in-store? 

The products available include the entire line-up of top selling Dutch Farms items in each category, like Fancy Shreds, Exact Weight Natural Cheese Bars & Slices, and more. We recommend stocking up on the items that sell well with your shoppers.

What are Dutch Farms' plans for expansion beyond this partnership?  

Our pledge is to continue to support Laurel Grocers, IGAs, and independent retailers​ though food shows and our aggressive marketing campaign.  

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