Homesome Joins IGA To Help Independents Maintain Profitability in eCommerce

Feb 20, 2024

eCommerce has become a much-desired amenity for grocery shoppers in the last four years, and a much-needed capability for retailers. While eCommerce was growing in grocery in 2019 and early 2020, it became a must-have for many shoppers during the pandemic. Now the trend is here to stay, with 81% of grocery retailers offering products for sale online, according to FMI. Grocery sales online in January topped $8.5 billion as reported by a Brick Meets Click/Mercatus Grocery Shopping Survey.

Since eCommerce has become more mainstream, tech companies have discovered how to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to make the shopping experience even better.

Adding to our lineup of existing partners helping enable eCommerce for IGA members, Homesome is bringing new enterprise technology to our members and their brands' online shopping experience. Built for independent and regional grocers, Homesome's AI-powered eCommerce platform delivers a storefront for your brand that lets customers shop when and where it’s most convenient to them, and offers same-day delivery options for a shopping experience that rivals the big box chains.

We asked Homesome what IGA members can expect from the partnership. Keep reading to learn more.

What can IGA retailers expect from this partnership?

IGA retailers can anticipate a wealth of benefits from this partnership, starting with access to the premier grocery eCommerce platform. This platform comes with managed onboarding, simplifying the transition from other platforms.

Additionally, retailers will enjoy discounted implementation fees, making the initial setup more affordable.

A significant perk includes reduced per-mile delivery rates through partnerships with Uber and DoorDash, lowering the cost of deliveries.

We schedule regular quarterly business review meetings to assess performance and strategize for further growth.

Lastly, IGA retailers will receive expert guidance on customer acquisition and retention, as well as insights into maintaining profitability in eCommerce. This comprehensive support package is designed to ensure IGA retailers thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

How will you help IGA grocers drive sales?

When considering driving online sales, retailers are competing with giants like Walmart and Kroger. Our goal is to help independent retailers by bringing world-class eCommerce capabilities that deliver the same — or better — user-friendliness as the large retailers offer.

Homesome gives independent grocers an advantage by enabling them to create an online experience that aligns with their unique offerings and win loyal customers against the big box chains.

How can IGA retailers engage with your brand for success on both ends?

IGA retailers can engage with our brand for mutual success by leveraging the comprehensive support and advanced tools we offer. We provide enterprise-grade eCommerce tools that, until now, were exclusively available to big box retailers, leveling the playing field for independent grocers.

Our solution includes ready integrations with leading Point of Sale (POS), loyalty systems, payment gateways, marketing, and delivery platforms, ensuring easy systems onboarding and hassle-free maintenance. Additionally, we drive high return on investment (ROI) on eCommerce sales by assisting grocers in implementing proven customer acquisition, retention, and profitability strategies.

To further ensure that grocers maximize their profits on eCommerce, we offer our services for a flat monthly fee, eliminating percentage-based commissions that can erode profit margins.

This comprehensive approach not only empowers IGA retailers with the tools and strategies needed for eCommerce success but also reinforces their financial sustainability in the digital marketplace.

Why is the independent sector important to your business?

Independent grocers provide customers with a unique shopping experience that can’t be found elsewhere. While any store can offer Coca-Cola products, it's the independent grocers that foster personal connections with their customers and communities. At Homesome, we firmly believe that independent retailers should have the ability to offer online experiences that are just as unique as their physical stores!

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