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Apr 27, 2022

On-the-go eating is back on top of shopper priorities returning to their busy everyday lives. As they roam the aisles of your store looking for more interesting grab and go offerings, attract their attention and appetite with Eggo's newest innovation: Liège Style Waffles (pronounced /ljɛʒ/—listen to the pronunciation here)

A delicious treat with caramelized chunks of pearl sugar, Eggo's Liège Style Waffles are inspired by brioche bread dough. They offer the perfect portion size for on-the-go snacking with the convenience of an extended shelf life found in the frozen aisle. 

And with a National Digital Ad offer running June 22–July 5, 2022, now is the time to place orders through your wholesaler.

Offer Details:

  • $1.00 Off (1) Eggo Liège Waffles (7.76 oz)
  • Eggo Liège Waffles Strawberry UPC 38000275449
  • Eggo Liège Waffles Buttery Maple UPC 38000275524

eggo buttery maple

This new product innovation offers an untapped opportunity in the on-the-go and thaw & eat subcategories within the iconic Eggo Brand that will drive customer margins while simultaneously leading frozen breakfast share growth, according to Kellogg's. And with 96 percent of consumers agreeing that the grab and go waffle is a strong fit within Eggo, this is the perfect opportunity to spark shopper interest in the frozen food aisle.

Place your orders through your wholesaler to ensure your frozen aisle is stocked with Eggo's latest innovation that promises to delight shoppers. 

Product Information


4ct  7.76oz

Case count



Buttery Maple


Case UPC



Unit UPC




Shelf Placement:

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