Why Gum is Important to Independent Retailers

Oct 13, 2021

Why is gum—a $2.3 billion category—so important to independent retailers? IGA's Vice President of Business Partnerships Heidi Huff spoke to Red Oval Partner Mars Wrigley's Category Leadership Manager Kim Hermann and Customer Business Lead Rachel Grua to find out.

Watch the video to learn how the category has been impacted by the changing shopper behaviors and learn how to build basket size moving out of the pandemic as shoppers start to get out and gather more, with tips such as:

  • Stock gum near your self-checkout lanes so customers can add this impulse purchase while they're waiting.
  • Create visual merchandising displays, which increase sales by 25 percent.
  • Remind shoppers of the need for gum as they return to social events (create a cheeky sign by the gum display or post on your social media pages).
  • Leverage the National Digital Ad promotions from Mars Wrigley in-store by using shelf signs.

Plus, get a first look at their newest commercial (at the 12:36 mark), which offers a smart and funny take on the end of the pandemic and the role gum will play. 


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