Ball Corporation Brings Sustainable Innovation to IGA Red Oval Family

Dec 1, 2021

Red Oval Banner_1200x600As more shoppers look to their local grocery store to aid their efforts to become more eco-conscious, grocers must innovate their approach to sustainability. Two ways to do that? Offer more sustainable products for purchase and use more of those products throughout the store.

IGA's newest Red Oval Partner, Ball Corporation, helps IGA retailers do both with the Ball Aluminum Cup. Keep reading for a Q&A on this innovative product, primarily made from recycled materials, that delivers a solution for retailers to offer more sustainable products for sale and for use in food service. 

What makes Ball products different from your competitors?

The Ball Aluminum Cup is the first and only of its kind. Being that it’s made from aluminum, it is made from almost 70 percent recycled aluminum, it is 100 percent recyclable, and when recycled can be back on shelf as a new aluminum product in as little as 60 days. In addition to the product and packaging being recyclable, our cups are more durable and sturdy than most disposables and offer an elevated, cold touch experience.

How are you focusing on product innovations?

The Ball Aluminum Cup is unique in the sense we support both the Food Service/On Premise business as well as retail, so our team focuses both on sizes as well as new products. Our team is always looking at new sizes, limited releases, and custom printing opportunitiesbringing innovation to the disposable cups category.  

Why is the independent sector important for your business? 

We want everyone to have the opportunity to drink out of a Ball Aluminum Cup, whether that is at a Big Box retailer, at a concert or event, an independent retailer, or distributor partner. Our products are made in the USA, and all businesses are important to our vision for a bettermore sustainable future.

How do you prioritize independent retailers to ensure they have equal access to your products (compared to national chains)? 

We have a great commercial sales team that give energy, time, and resources to every single retailer. We also work nationwide with great distributor and wholesale partners that help make the Ball Aluminum Cup successful. Our Commercial Retail Trade Strategy is focused on broadening our reach to independent retailers. These products are available at many wholesalers, and we are working to make them available at all wholesalers. We encourage you to check with your distributor for availability.

We realize the importance of establishing strong relationships within their distribution networks, who act as an extension of the independent retailer community. We are focused on bringing the best quality innovation to independent retailers and their local communities. 

How can our retailers ensure shoppers know they carry your brand? 

We are focused on driving awareness through in-store and digital tactics in order to drive trial and penetration. We also work with retailers to tailor trade support plans that best suit their shopper demographics. In addition we are made in the USA and have stock now, so the customer should never run into an out-of-stock issue with our product not being able to get to the retail location.

We're working with IGA to include promotions in the 2022 National Digital Ad, so keep an eye out in the New Year!

As we emerge from the pandemic, shopper behavior is changing. How do you think that will affect your product sales, if at all, and what can ​our retailers do to address those changes?

The Ball Aluminum Cup was created for a better tomorrow. A choice to reduce single use plastics and think about our planet. As we come out of this pandemic we know customers will continue to demand more from where they shop and what they buy and how it impacts the world around them.

Have questions about bringing the Ball Aluminum Cup to your stores? Contact Ball Corporation Director–Commercial Retail Jenica Bridges at


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