New Flavors From Hershey Build Baskets In Time for Valentine's Offer

Jan 19, 2022

Just in time for the February 2 National Digital Ad offer, Hershey has launched new flavor innovations that will attract shopper interest and build baskets at stores. We've gathered the product details and put together marketing tips to help you make the most of these new and tasty products.


KIT KAT® DUOS strawberry and dark chocolate package

KIT KAT® has had great success with their first DUO flavor, mint + dark chocolate, bringing in $69.6 million in sales in the first year, attracting new shoppers to the brand—older consumers and smaller households—and receiving industry recognition and awards. 

The mocha + chocolate flavor has kept shoppers engaged, pairing it with coffee and buying it again and again. 

Now, KIT KAT® has done it again with their strawberry + dark chocolate flavor. And while strawberry is relevant year-round, it over-indexes during Valentine's Day, so don't miss out on these basket-building sales! 

Leverage merchandising to take advantage of highly relevant Valentine's Day seasonal window, with a wheeled mod, shipper, and counter unit/power wing available. (Check with your wholesaler for merchandising availability and pricing.)

Reese's Big Cup With Potato Chips

Reese's Big Cup With Potato Chips package

What's better than peanut butter and chocolate? Peanut butter, chocolate, and potato chips! Building on their top innovation in 2021—Reese’s Big Cup With Pretzels—Reese’s is expanding the stuffed platform to include America’s favorite salty snack: potato chips.

With most Americans buying both salty and sweet snacks, this new flavor appeals to nearly every shopper and satisfies an afternoon craving. It's also a perfect snack for sports-watching parties, from the Big Game to March Madness.

In fact, Reese's recommends building in-store excitement around the product and big games and events with these visual merchandising tips:

  • Leverage pre-pack displays to drive trial and repeat
  • Secure summer displays early to ensure strong execution
  • Target high traffic locations around the perimeter of the store to make the biggest impact 
  • Place merchandise by the front checkouts
  • Leverage “power of” partnerships to build joint display programs and locate in high traffic locations

Take advantage of these new flavors to drive shopper interest and increase basket size. IGA's February 2, 2022 National Digital Ad will feature $0.50 off 2 Reese's and/or KIT KAT® DUOS. 

Contact your wholesaler to order product and inquire about visual merchandising options. 

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