PEBBLES™ Crisps Innovate in Ready-to-Eat Snack Category

Aug 4, 2021

With the Ready-to-Eat snack category growing exponentially, the new PEBBLES™ Crisps are poised to drive incremental sales in the breakfast aisle. After all, breakfast is the meal most commonly replaced with snacking, and sweet snacks have seen 5.9 percent year over year growth, according to Hartman Group data.

PEBBLES™ Crisps satisfy the on-the-go need for breakfast time snacking with their sweet crunch and portable package. IGA retailers can get ready for the upcoming August 22 National Digital Ad offer—$1 off one package—by using these visual merchandising tips from Post Consumer Brands and sharing the below video on their social media channels to let shoppers know that they carry this craveable, snackable new innovation. 

PCB RTE Snacks Spring 2021 endcap

  • Create an on-the-go, morning convenience destination by designating space within breakfast snacks and using signage to signal the emerging segment
  • Place between ready-to-eat cereal, cereal bars, toaster pastries, and/or breakfast bars
  • Place with ready-to-eat cereal cups and fun packs


As always, check with your wholesaler for availability.

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