Pictsweet Farms' New Line Combats Recipe Fatigue

Aug 16, 2022

Over the past two years of cooking more at home, consumers are searching for more convenient ways to cook: simpler menus, fewer ingredients, and new ways to prepare a meal. They are becoming more confident in their cooking skills and learning to use new appliances. Consequently, the air fryer is gaining popularity every day. According to a 2022 FMI Power of Meat Survey, an estimated 62% of households own an air fryer and this is increasing daily. Consumers are enjoying the addition of new tastes and textures that frozen vegetables can now bring to the table.

To ensure consumers' needs are met, Pictsweet Farms has launched a new product: Vegetables for the Air Fryer. Shoppers can combat meal prep and menu fatigue while preparing a nutritious dish. In just 10 minutes cook time, Pictsweet Farms' Vegetables for the Air Fryer delivers the taste and convenience consumers want.

"What do your vegetables bring to the table? 100% all natural vegetables" text on photo of corn, mixed vegetables, and green beans in separate bowls on the table

This frozen vegetable innovation is bringing new consumers into the category while increasing interest from base consumers and helping drive overall sales dollars. "We are committed to driving frozen vegetable innovation, and will always strive to create excitement in the frozen vegetable category; it is part of who we are," says Pictsweet Company, an IGA Red Oval partner. 

Get ready for these National Digital Ad offers, which coincide with IGA Recipe Club recipes featuring Pictsweet's Vegetables for the Air Fryer and a presence in the Q4 Quarterly Marketing Kit, by ordering the Air Fryer line from your licensed distribution center. 

National Digital Ad Offers:

  • October 12–15: $1 off (2) AirFryer Vegetables
  • November 9–29: $1 off (2) AirFryer Vegetables

Want to market this innovative new product line to your shoppers? Share these videos on your social media pages to alert shoppers to your inventory and the October and November offers.

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